Chuck’s challenge this week was as follows; You have 1000 words to write a story about good versus evil. In whatever context you choose, in whatever genre you choose.

Here’s my attempt.

“Good evening Mr Carter” a bald-headed man said as James Carter closed the door to his second-floor apartment behind him. He froze and stared at the man, trying to figure out if he should make a run for it and escape through the fire-escape or if he should risk the bullet of  a 9mm currently being pointed at him, inches away from his face. He swore he could almost smell the gunpowder.

He needs to act calm and collected, if nothing it needs to be a good act. Think positive thoughts. Perhaps his aim will be off today and he might miss my head and instead shoot a hole in the wall. Right.

“You found me” he whispered to baldie, almost inaudible. He should have known better than to return to the apartment.

Bald-head frowns and tilts his head back. He is completely unaware of what is happening.

“Let’s take a seat I’m sure we can figure something out” he motions for baldie to take a seat but he adjusts the gun and pulls a face that screams ‘don’t fuck with me’.

“Look, if you wanted to kill me and I mean really wanted to kill me you would have done it already. Now take a seat and let me explain”. He swallows hoping this maniac with the gun takes his bait and buys his act because if not he’ll have a lot more liquid pouring from him than the butt-sweat currently running down his left cheek.

After a few minutes baldie agrees and takes a seat opposite him on the brown leather couch. James rubs his hands together, trying to come up with the next phase of ‘I don’t have a plan let’s just go with the flow and hope to God we make it out alive’ but it’s the man’s voice that snaps him back to reality.

“Mr Carter, I believe you have something that belongs to the man I’m working for. If you could be so kind and point me in the direction of where I might find this item I’ll be on my way” he says and James knows he’s not joking around.

“Mr ehhh what can I call you”? James asks, trying to buy some time.

Baldie’s anger-vein seemed to have appeared on the right side of his forehead. Oh boy.

“You can call me ‘give me what I want and fast or I’ll shoot your mother-f ass’.”

“Calm down Mr ‘give me what I want and fast or I’ll shoot your mother-fucking ass’ I’m merely trying to establish what exactly it is that you need from me”. Ballsy move James but let’s see how he reacts.

“The flashdrive, give me the flashdrive” baldie complains and jumps to his feet, still pointing the 9mm, a little more agitated this time.

“Flashdrive? Who still uses those things? Always needing to carry them around and some how I always manage to loose one. The files, documents & movie clips are all stored safely online.”

Baldie looks less than impressed and to my surprise sits back down on the couch. He places the 9mm on the glass coffee table in front of us and leans back. What is this guy doing?

“Mr Carter, I know what’s written in those files, I know that the video clips can destroy lives. I know where you can find even more evidence to back up your case. I want to help you”

I stared at him shocked. It’s taken months to crack this case and now one of the bad guys wants to call a truce?

“What’s the catch?” I asked before thinking.

“There is no catch Mr Carter, I want to do the right thing”.

I smiled and put out my hand to him.

“Welcome to the good side, we’ve been expecting you” I replied shaking the hand of one of the baddest guys in the drug cartel.




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