Head in the Clouds

figtny.com | Palms by Harrison Boyce

The ferris wheel kept turning like a never ending spin. Flowers in my hair, the beginning of Spring. Purple mist and summer rain, orange flavors and mayhem in a cage.

Broken glass held the pieces of yesterday. A burning candle held tomorrow in it’s flame. Lace dresses and faux-wool sweaters, nothing matter when all you are is sparkling messes.

Blue fog held the key, ink blots spread before me. Shadows dancing on the window sill, palm trees surrounding me, the cold water gives me a thrill.

And as the night decent and the moonlight creeps up on me my last thoughts was you and how good you are to me. So close your eyes and dream of me, and if you see me in your nightmares know that I am free and on the other side.



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