Surfer Girl

duck dive for dayz

and even in the middle of all the chaos, she took her surfboard and made love with the saltwater as it splashed up against her legs and face.

she had a love affair with the ocean and in that moment she felt free, she felt as if she was flying above the waves, until she got to the shore and start the journey all over again.

she loved diving underneath the waves, the foamy waters surrounding her, bubbles escaping her nostrils. she felt the sun bake her already tanned skin and she could sometimes see her blonde hair floating behind her.

the ocean gave her a sense of freedom and a sense of power, in a mass of water that could be so destructive at times she felt safe and secure, just her and the surfboard with no distractions.

and once the day was all done and the ocean had nothing left to give she watched the sun dance around the waters edges and slowly paddled out to shore. The sand tickled her toes and hung on for dear life as she made her way to the parking lot.

she would load the surfboard onto the back of her daddy’s truck and pulled the dry t-shirt over her wet bikini taking the fifteen minute drive home. once in bed she would reflect on the day and dream about the love affair waiting to happen all over tomorrow.

KISSMYTRIP - ПУТЕШЕСТВИЯ (@kissmytrip) в Instagram: «Серфингом в Соединенных Штатах ‍♀️занимаются люди самых разных возрастов. Это явление давно…»


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