I walked into the convenience store with my hoodie pulled over my face, walking straight to the back of the store keeping my head low. This wasn’t my first rodeo or should I say robbery and will most probably not be my last. The cashier was helping an old lady paying for gas and I started hyping myself for the moment she would leave the store. I usually did these things alone, I didn’t want anyone to panic or to get hurt, I just wanted to get what was in the cash register and run.

The cashier handed her, her change and she left the store, I was slowly making my way up to the front of the store when someone came inside. I looked to the ground, brown ankle boots clicked on the tile flooring, my eyes drifted up to the most beautiful legs I’ve ever seen. Short denim shorts greeted me, a shirt with the American flag and the word ‘California’ written on it in big bold black letters. Her light brown hair framed her face perfectly, she walked right past me and then touched my shoulder. I froze.

“You don’t want to do this” she whispered in my ear. I still had the hoodie over my head but I could feel her breath on me. “Do what”? I whispered back her hand still on my shoulder. She stood in front of me, took the hoodie off of my head and stared at me. I was speechless and mesmerized by this girl standing in front of me, boldly uncovering my face. Shit. My face. “You realize you just uncovered my identity”? I asked annoyed, knowing that I can’t rob the store. She smiled. “Are you going to get that”? she asked staring at the Pringles in my hand. “I was until you sabotaged me” I said with a sarcastic tone.

She took the Pringles from me and walked up to the cash register. The man smiled and at that moment I realized they knew each other. He handed her a dollar bill and she took the Pringles and the Coke and made her way to the door. She turned around and looked at me, her green eyes with touches of smudged make-up looked right through my soul. “Did you think I was going to let you rob my father? Cmon, it’s almost sunrise, I know a good spot” she said over her shoulder and was out the door before I could even answer.

The man behind the cash register looked at me confused. How awkward, I could never marry this girl, we would tell our grandchildren that I tried to rob their great grandfather. Dad goals. I cleared my throat and tried to nod at him as politely as I could and slid out the door.

She was waiting on the hood of a red mustang, god, how cliche was this. Beautiful girl chatting me up in a convenience store and then waits for me on a red mustang. Cliche as fuck.

“You’re not going to save me” I said as I reached her. “I know that’s what you’re thinking, you will save me from this life and all the bad things it has to offer. You’re not going to do that” I said determined.

She stared at me and then looked down at the Pringles and threw them over to me.

“Who said anything about saving you? Maybe I’m the one who needs saving.” she said and got off the hood. What was this girl? How did she have the ability to strike back with something clever every time leaving me standing wordless and fishing for bubbles like some sort of idiot.

“Get in, I need to show you something” she said and started up the mustang. I looked over my shoulder, the first rays of sunshine was hitting the desert horizon, sunrise, my favorite time of day.

Contemplating if I should give in, I figured I had nothing to loose. The Pringles seemed like a great idea, if nothing else, that and those denim shorts convinced me.


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