The Kidnapping


“You forgot me”
“It was an accident”
“An accident? That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard”
“It might be but it’s true”
“You know damn well it’s not”
“Stop laughing this isn’t funny! What is wrong with you, you are the worst fucking kidnapper in the world”
“Hey, that’s cruel, don’t hit me where it hurts”
“Help me understand, how does a kidnapper forget where he hid the person he kidnapped? How the hell does that happen?”
“Listen I’m human okay, these things happen from time to time”
“Oh so I wasn’t the first then, well that’s good to know”
“Stop nagging I’m here now aren’t I?”
“You forgot me, I can’t forgive you for that”
“It was an accident, I got distracted”
“Yeah? Distracted? Or you are just a shitty kidnapper”
“Or that…”


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