The Paper Crown [Part 1]

64233765a6a0bff116d1f9814807fd65Rebecca closed the door to the coffee-shop behind her. The bell on the door still ringing. She loved this place, especially on rainy days like today. It had big windows in the front, stretching from the roof all the way down to the hard-wooden floors. The shop was filled with wooden benches, cushions scattered all across them. In the one corner stood three leather sofa’s, facing each other. Furry blankets and scatter-cushions decorated them. Soft music played and light bulbs hanging from the ceiling added to the atmosphere.

This was her hide-away spot. The place where she came when she needed a break from the dorm room and well, quality coffee. The barista smiled at her and took her order. She  situated herself on one of the leather sofa’s and took out her laptop. One thing that she loved about this seat was that it was right next to a power-point so she could easily charge her laptop. This meant that she would spend hours and hours in this very spot. It also meant that she would spend more money than necessary on coffee and the delicious scone’s and muffins’ they had to offer.

The barista came over and handed her, her coffee. She smiled and thanked him and opened her textbook on international law. Something her father insisted she become. If she had her way she would have taken a year off and backpacked through Europe but of course he wouldn’t allow for that to happen.

The shop was quiet, more so than usual. The bell on the door rang but this time she didn’t bother to look up. A figure blocked the little light she had and forced her to make eye-contact. A man stood in front of her. He had a scar under his left eye and had a mean look on his face. Startled she tried not to show the fear she felt inside.

“Can I help you sir”? she asked hesitantly.

He smirked and dropped a brown paper bag in her lap and turned around and headed out the door.

“Sir! Excuse me sir, you left…” she stared at the brown bag on her lap, confused she got up and ran outside, her eyes searching the busy street for the mystery man. Nothing. Who was this guy and why would he give her this? What is inside?

Rain started pouring down and she headed back inside, asked the Barista to watch her belongings and headed to the small bathroom in the back. She stared at the brown bag in her hands. He must have confused her with someone else.

“It’s just a brown paper bag, how bad can it be?” she whispered to herself and opened the  bag and peeked inside. She pulled out a black Iphone, money and a passport. This was definitely not meant for her. She opened the passport an her heart dropped. The picture inside was her. Her eyes drifted to the name. Harper Hernandez. That’s certainly not her name but that is most definitely her picture. How? What is going on?

The Iphone started vibrating. Unknown Number. Should she answer? What is going on? She needs answers.

“Hello?” she answers almost inaudible.

“Rebecca. I see you have received our gift. You are probably wondering what this is all about. All will be revealed in due time. There’s a car waiting for you outside. Pack your things, don’t ask questions and get in. We will talk when you get here, understood”?

Who was this and why did she have a passport with a different name?

“I…I’m sorry I can’t just get into a strangers car. This is absolutely ridiculous. Who are you and why do I have a passport with someone else’s name on it? I need answers!” she demanded although fear overtook her body.

“Get in the car. Your father’s life depends on it”.

*to be continued*


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