Bridge Jumping

largeI saw her climbing onto the bridge that morning. She was wearing her school uniform, her hair tied in a ponytail. She was crying. I watched her until she got to the top. I was frozen. I couldn’t say or do anything. It was pretty windy, I was laying in the tall grass opposite the lake, right next to where she was. She was beautiful. Her skin was glowing in the morning sun, the wind danced through her dark fringe, she was breath-taking.

It took me a couple of minutes to see him. There was a guy behind her. She screamed at him, told him to stop. He didn’t, he kept climbing until he reached her. He took her by the throat and pushed her. It was as if time stood still. As if she was falling in slow-motion. I wanted to jump up and run to her. I didn’t. I was a coward and hid in the grass. He looked down at her lifeless body and then ran away.

I waited and hid in the tall grass, an hour went by and I finally pulled up enough courage to go over to where she was. I contemplated going but I knew I had to. At first I thought she was trying to commit suicide but then, I knew this was homicide and the police were going to ask a lot of questions. Why didn’t I do anything to help her? What was I doing here? Why did I wait an hour before notifying them.

I reached the placed where she should’ve landed but couldn’t see a body. That was weird I thought. I knew I was in the right spot, I looked up to the bridge above me. Yes, I was certain this was it. I looked around, nothing. If she was pushed which she was, where’s the body? There’s no way she could have survived the fall. Did he come down and took her body with him? I had to tell someone.

I pulled my phone out of the back pocket of my jean when I felt the blade to my throat.

“Put that away” a voice said and like a robot I did like I was told. It was her. How the hell was she alive after that fall?

She pulled me under the bridge, holding the blade out to me.

“How much did you see”? she asked, I could tell she was scared.

“Look, I’m not going to hurt you, if you need help I know some people…”

She cut me off laughing.

“You? You know people? I don’t need help, I can take care of myself. All I need to know is how much of this did you see”?

I swallowed. She was beautiful. What kind of trouble was she in? I didn’t know her but I knew I wanted to help her. I extended my hand out to her.

“David”. I said, holding out my hand.

Her face softened. She looked around and took my hand.

“Daria” she replied softer this time.

“That’s a beautiful name. Now, back to my offer. You look like you could use some help”? I said again.

She smiled nervously. Her big green eyes refusing to meet mine.

“Hey, if you don’t want my help at least take me up on the offer to buy you lunch”? I tried again, silently praying she would accept.

“That will be nice, thank you, David” she said and tucked the steel blade back into her backpack.

*to be continued*


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