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I eagerly opened the back door and followed the steps down to the stone path which led into the woods. The last rays of sun was disappearing behind the mountain and the cold air played with my hair. I pulled my coat tighter and escaped into the woods. This is the time of night I came alive. We have been secretly meeting for a few months. Mother and father would never approve. We’ve made plans to run away together. When the time is right, we will go.

I reached the secret spot we have chosen together and pulled myself up on the rock, patiently waiting for him. I heard something behind me and then felt him softly kiss my neck and slowly whispered in my ear. It’s cold where his lips were and I shiver, turning around to face him. He smiles and holds me, kissing me again.

We were out in the dark, wrapped up in the stars and laying on the wet grass, looking up into the night sky.

“You know Beth, being way out in the woods alone with you, knowing there’s no one for miles gives me a sense of power” he said.

I had an empty feeling in my stomach but smiled at him. I didn’t want him to know that I was scared.

“What do you mean”? I asked, trying to sound as casual and nonchalant as possible.

He looked at me with a shadow in his eyes. The reflection of the moonlight on the tree tops was visible on his face. He seemed different. He looked different.

He smiled and shook his head.

“Oh nothing” he whispered and we continued to stare up into the sky. I kept glancing at him but he ignored me.

Was I being paranoid?

“Beth, our plans are coming along nicely. We need to leave tonight”. His voice startled me back to the present.

“Tonight”? I asked surprised. I was dreaming about this day but now that it’s here, it’s as if I’m doubting all of this.

He sat up, brushed his fingers through my hair and kissed me again. A sudden and unexpected gush of wind surrounded us, almost like a tornado hovering over us and disappeared when his lips left mine.

He handed me a knife, I sat up quickly and moved away from him.

“No, no Beth. I’m not going to hurt you. I need you to go home and get rid of your mother and father for me okay, can you do that”? he asked. I got the feeling that this wasn’t a question but rather a command. Tears building up in my eyes I nodded and took the steel blade from him.

“Good girl” he whispered and kissed me again. How was I going to get out of this mess? I started walking towards the house. I could see the kitchen light on. I glanced over my shoulder and saw him standing there, waving, smiling the creepiest smile I’ve ever seen.

I stopped in my tracks. I could feel his face harden.

“Why are you stopping Beth”? he barked.

“Walk!” he screamed again.

I turned around and started walking back to him.

“No!” I screamed. The same tornado-like wind was surrounding us, my hair blowing profusely and then I started running towards him, the blade tightly gripped in my right hand.

He put his hands and arms up desperately trying to protect himself. It was as if I was possessed. Or maybe my paranoia finally got the better of me. I stabbed him, at first the blade had difficulty going into his flesh but once it pierced it went in smooth and steady.

After ten minutes, I realized that he had no life or blood left inside of him. He was laying on the wet grass, darkness surrounding him. A dark cloud was covering the moon. I took the blade and put it in the pocket of my navy blue coat and started walking back to the house.

I opened the backdoor and went upstairs to my room, took off my blood-covered clothes and got into bed. I was tired and needed rest before telling mother and father what had happened. What I have done.


Mother woke me with a steaming cup of tea.

“Good morning Beth, did you sleep well”? She asked. I sat up quickly, glancing around the room for the denims and navy blue coat I was wearing last night.

“Yes thank you mother, are you doing laundry today”? I asked, panic in my voice.

My mother looked at me confused.

“No darling, not today” she said and put the back of her hand against my forehead.

“Are you feeling alright Beth”? she asked and sat on the bed next to me.

“I’m fine mother, I was just worried that you’ve started laundry without me knowing. I have a coat and a few things that needs washing.

“Well gather what you need to be cleaned and bring it downstairs” she asked and closed my bedroom door behind her.

I stared down at my hands, they were as clean as a whistle. I clearly remembering them covered in blood last night. I checked my bedding, the night gown I was wearing, but there was no trace of any blood.

I got out of bed and took my laundry basket downstairs. I’m sure mother must have already gathered the clothing. They can’t just go missing. My heart dropped.

“Beth, you have a visitor” my father exclaimed.

“Good morning Beth” he greeted. Smiling that creepy, dark smile.

He is alive. But how? He walked over and gave me a hug. I was stiff and felt dead inside.

“Relax Beth, be yourself, be paranoid, be better next time you try to kill me” he whispered and smiled at me.



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