I Shouldn’t Have Swiped Right [Flash Fiction]


Chuck Wendig is not only the flash fiction god but his work is pretty amazing. This week he had 10 five-word titles. You pick one and write a story. Check out the challenge here. This is my attempt. 

Alexa pressed the last of the strawberry frosting out of the piping bag and formed the last perfectly shaped rose on her clients wedding cake. Topped with pearls and beautiful, soft green leaves. She stepped back and admired her work. Her apron covered in white powder and pink frosting. She wipes a lost strand of blonde hair from her face and tucks it behind her ear.

She stared at the cake in front of her, as if waiting for it to speak. Waiting for it to tell her that she did an amazing job. It didn’t. It just stood there on the counter and looked, well, pretty. Even if she said so herself. She laughed at herself, a little nervous laugh and threw back her head as she jugged the last sip of red wine. She picked up the white and blue checkered dish clothe and began wiping the table. If only cleaning up life’s messes was this easy.

Rufus the long-hair ginger cat walked into the kitchen and jumped on the counter, oblivious to the fact that she’s trying to clean the kitchen and get an early night. And by early night she means go to bed before the 3:45AM clock turns 04:00AM. She stopped and looked at him. Tears began filling her eyes.

“Why me Rufus? Why me of all people? There’s so many bad people in the world, killing and stealing, why don’t they get to suffer like I do?” she asked and waited for the ginger cat to talk back to her. What would happen if he did? She knows that, that is something she won’t be able to handle, especially with three glasses of wine in her system. Why wait for a cat to talk to her, or even a cake for that matter? That is so like her. Always wanting something she can’t have and the minute she’s got it she regrets asking for it in the first place.

Rufus stares at her as if reading her mind and a meow escapes from his mouth. She smiles and opens the fridge to give him a can of tuna.

“Enjoy the small pleasures Rufus, it’s after all what matters the most”.

Now look at her. Giving advice to a cat. She has gone completely bonkers. Lost her mind. She looks at the wedding cake behind her. This was a difficult bridezilla to deal with. All uptown brides are like that. Not satisfied with anything she presents, yet they all want to make sure of her. Heaven only knows why. If you’re going to complain about every single detail, how about you just don’t come to her for business? No. What is she saying? This is her income; this is her passion. She loves baking and decorating. No. She will just listen to them complain, nod her head patiently and then take all their money. What a plan.

Alexa heads upstairs and opens both taps on the big oval shaped bath. She pours soapy liquid into the tub and white fluffy bubbles forms immediately. This is exactly what she needs after a day from hell. She can feel that she’s had maybe one, or three glasses too many but who cares? She’ll be up and about tomorrow morning and deliver the special cake as required by Mrs. Bridezilla.

The bubbles push their way through her toes and she can feel her muscles relaxing in the hot water. Rufus is sitting on the edge of the bath looking at her as if he understands what she’s going through.

“Going through a break-up and then listening to brides complain is not easy you know Rufus. It takes someone with character and drive and I am that someone” she says while pointing a finger to her chest.

There she goes again, talking to a damn cat. She wraps herself in the soft beige towel and walks to her bedroom. Contemplating if she should grab another glass of wine but decides against it and slides into bed. She needs some rest. Perhaps she’ll feel better in the morning?


The screaming alarm rips through her ears and the pounding of her head seems to get worse by the second. She leans over and slams her hand on her Iphone, trying to shut up her alarm. The phone slips off the bedside table.

“There goes another one” she whispers to herself and swing both feet out of bed, dragging herself to the bathroom for the morning bathroom shenanigans.

She heads downstairs and is immediately ripped from her sleep-state by the state of the kitchen.

“What the f….” her voice drifts off and a look of pure horror is plastered all over her face.

In her emotional and drunken state, she forgot to put the cake in the fridge and by the looks of the pink paw prints it seems that Rufus quite enjoyed himself.

“Rufus Machias Brunt, what in the name of your ancestors have you done!” she screams nervously and hurries over to see what she’s able to save. Nothing. It’s a lost cause. She’ll have to start all over again and with Boston traffic and a wedding to get too she will never get it done in time! She should have never said yes to this cake! She should have never said yes to this bride; she shouldn’t have swiped right or whatever it is the kids call it these days.

Rufus jumps on the table and licks at the top of the frosting mess that is spread out on the kitchen counter. Alexa can’t help but laugh. She wipes her finger through some frosting and shoves it in her mouth.

“Bloody hell Rufus, I’m going to need more than three glasses of wine to get through this day I’ll tell you that much” she whispers and takes another swipe at the pink frosting.



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