Inside of my Head

Blacked out names and holograms
The city never leaves your mind
Society knows nothing but Instagram
The emptiness rules it’s hard not to find
What lies beneath what lies ahead
The path of destruction the sound of voices
I never knew how much it hurt, the voices in my head
Not many live a fairytale, not many live to see the end
What comes today may leave tomorrow
The hand that feeds you will turn to sorrow

Take his hand and run away
Your groom awaits he was cast away
The fear the sounds it’s all too real
Baby the cold was never meant to heal

The voices they speak, of things unknown
I long not to hear them, I long for them to be gone
They never leave, they never grow
They were given to me when I was born

Now take these words and make them yours
Feel the need to overpower those around you
They must be stopped they must be torn
The voices of the dark will soon be taken

Listen as I scream, my final breath to you
I wonder if you’ll hear me, I wonder if you’ll care
There’s so much emotion bottled up inside, if only I had one last chance

Tonight you will go to sleep, I’ll be there, I’ll whisper
Sweet little lullabies, that make you cry make you whimper
Don’t be afraid little one, don’t be scared
The boogeyman can only catch you once he finds you, and once he does you will be dead


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