The Sad Poem

Screen Shot 2017-06-13 at 10.24.02 AM

Don’t tell me you aren’t human
Don’t tell me you would’ve tried
You know just as well as I do, that together we would have died
You came just like a hurricane, and left destruction in your way
I never felt dead inside, not like this, it was never okay

It’s not easy when you’re young, to find a love so pure
I guess that’s why they said it would never work
You had to find someone better, someone with a cure
I stayed up and prayed that night that you would never leave
But the Lord didn’t answer my prayer, instead He sent an angel to help me breathe

Now I’m crying on the kitchen floor, my tears like a waterfall surrounding me
I never expected to hurt like this, it scares me, what you did to me
You are out with your friends, unaware of the present, the hurt inside my heart
The demons still exist, slowly tearing us apart

It’s time to say goodbye to you, leave the memories behind
I didn’t think that things would end like this, when you are constantly on my mind
I know that we are not good together, not now and not ever
But I still think about the could have been’s and what you said to me last November


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