Something That Scares You

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My eyes fly open to the sound of glass breaking in the living room. My breathing becomes inaudible as I sat up straight in bed, the duvet covering me like a fort, trying it’s best to protect me from the bullets of life. Footsteps. coming closer and closer. My bedroom door is shut, and I’m now holding my breath waiting for that moment when the killer comes through my bedroom door ready to attack me. Nothing.

After a few minutes of intense listening, the noises fades and it becomes silent. I must have been imagining things. I switch on the television and flick through the channels, trying to find something boring that will help me go back to sleep. I close my eyes and drift off.

Chaos. I’m woken up by screaming, a bright light blinding me.

“Get out of bed! Get out, get out, get out”

I’m pulled out of bed by my hair, wait, what’s going on? I’m able to make out, four men, dressed in dark clothing, balaclava’s covering their identities. I’m in trouble.

“Where’s the safe”? one of them screams while tying my hands and feet with cable ties. Adrenaline sets in and I start kicking and screaming. I am going to die. This is it. I am going to die.

“Shut up!” one yells and hits me with something hard on my head. I can feel warm liquid pouring from my head. I am going to die. I start praying, it’s the only thing I can think of doing. Please God, spare me.

Every cupboard, every drawer, every nook and cranny is turned over, valuables, are put in a black travel bag. They drag me by my hair to the living room, and throw me on the floor.

One of the men looks down at me, I am physically unable to say or do anything. There’s something other than rage in his eyes, it’s pure evil. I start crying, my body shaking.

“Tell us where’s the safe and no one gets hurt” he asks in an annoyed tone.

“I don’t have a safe” I whisper.

He hits me again, more liquid oozing from my head. I want to scream, I want to cry. I could never have imagined me going this way. I wanted to die a peaceful death, not like this.

They get a hold of my hair again, dragging me back to the bedroom. He is slowly taking off my pajama pants, and this is when it hits me. He is going to rape me. More adrenaline kicks in, I scream at the top of my voice. I am fighting like I’ve never fought before. Somehow I free my hands and I start hitting and scratching. He holds a gun to my head and screams that if I don’t stop he’ll shoot.

“Go ahead shoot me you piece of shit” I yell back, anger boiling out of me. I scratch and hit and spit, throwing a few punches. I try and get up but my legs are still tied and falls to the floor, he picks me up and puts me back on the bed, this time on my stomach so that my hands and arms are away from him.

I need to do something, I cannot let him do this to me. Again, I scream at the top of my voice, he puts his hands over my mouth, I bite and and I bite hard. He screams in agony and I can taste a metallic taste in my mouth. He lets go and I crawl to the door and hit the panic button.

The alarm triggers and a deafening sound fills the entire neighborhood. The four men scrambles to get out of the house, but not before he turns around and screams over the sound of the alarm; “I’ll be back to finish off what I started”.

I crawl into the corner and starts sobbing. I am absolutely petrified. Blue lights start flashing outside but I have no energy to let them know where I am. It feels like hours before the armed response officer get to me.


My eyes fly open to the sound of glass breaking in the living room. Was this a dream? I sat up, confused. A feeling of panic sets in and before I can think about anything else I slam my hand on the panic button next to my bedside table.

Minutes pass before I hear sirens and see blue lights flashing from down the street. I am safe. For now.


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