Social Media Suicide

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Something I wrote last year, not a very good piece but writing nonetheless.

The summer sun creeps through the small opening left by the two curtains and dances on Sophia’s face until she wakes up with a groan. She wipes the strand of red hair out of her face and reaches for her phone on the turquoise bedside table to check the time. Seven twenty nine. She scrolls through her usual social media checks and put the phone back on the table.

Emma burst through the door, without knocking, again.

“Wake up sleepy head” she screams at the top of her lungs. Sophia throws her a dirty look and pulls the white covers closer to her body in an attempt to shield her from Emma’s shrieking.

“I can’t get up today Em, these blankets have accepted me as one of their own and if I leave now I might lose their trust”.

Emma looks at Sophia with a confused look on her face, her dark eyebrows tangled.

“You are such a freak” she laughs and pulls open the heavy curtain. The room is instantly filled with sunshine and Sophia hisses to highlight her discomfort.

Emma plots herself next to Sophia and pulls her legs into the butterfly pose. She stares at her for a while and then fidgets with the thin golden ring on her middle finger.

Sophia and Emma are first year students, taking the photography course at their local college. The only difference is that Sophia’s parents are not supportive of their daughter’s decision. They wanted her to go to Harvard and become a lawyer but Sophia could not get herself far enough to even apply.

She can sense that there is something Emma is not telling her but it’s way too early for her to try and drag it out of her.

Emma is tall and skinny with legs for days, blonde hair and piercing blue eyes. She is every guy’s fantasy, unlike herself. She on the other hand, a ginger as her friends likes to call her. Red hair, freckles and swamp like green eyes.

Emma snaps her fingers in front of Sophia’s face. “Earth to Sophie” she laughs. “You need to get your ass out of bed, shower and get dressed. We have class in exactly one hour and forty five minutes and you cannot afford to be late, again”.

Emma leaps off the bed and closes the door behind her and leaves Sophia with her own thoughts for a minute.

She swings both legs out of bed and flick the tap of the shower open. The bathroom quickly fills up with steam and she closes the door behind her.

The water runs across her face and a loud noise coming from the bathroom door startles her. “Em is that you?” Dead Silence.

Oh great, it’s probably Mrs Downey’s cat who jumped through the open window again. Sophia flicks the tap of the shower closed and wraps the beige towel around her. She opens the door to her room and the steam rushes out in front of her.

That’s strange, there’s no sign of Mrs Downey’s cat and no trace of where the loud thump could have come from.

Sophia pushes the curtain slightly open but does not see anything out of the ordinary. She checks her room door, locked.

She grabs a pair of black leggings from her closet and an oversized light brown jersey. She slips into her brown slip on boots and throws her leather book bag over her shoulder before she unlocks and opens the door.

The hall is empty and quiet, she checks her watch, eight thirty, and she is still on time, something strange is going on.

She walks through the passage down with the stairs and through the lounge area, not a soul in sight.

Outside she takes in a breath of fresh air as relieve washes over her like a tidal wave. Things look way more normal outside than inside and she makes her way across campus to where her class will start in twenty minutes.

Part of her daily routine is to run in to the coffee shop outside her building. Emma is already waiting for her at their usual table in the corner.

She drops her bag and sits opposite Emma. The friendly waiter takes their order and Sophia can’t help but notice that Emma seems off.

“Everything alright Em?” she asks as the waiter puts down the two containers hot chocolate in front of them.

Emma looks up and smiles taking the lid off the one container. She opens a sachet of brown sugar and stirs it into the steaming chocolate mixture. “Of course” she says eventually, her blue eyes sending a shiver down her spine.

Sophia knows Emma well enough to know that the look in her eyes portrays something different but she decides to let it go. She does not have the energy today for a fight before class with her best friend.

Emma and Sophia take a seat in the third row from the back. The professor clear his throat “Open your modules on page 86, today we will look at ‘The digital darkroom’” he says in a rustic voice and then starts writing on the black board behind him.

Sophia  highlights the first sentence with a shocking pink highlighter; Digital “darkroom” is the hardware, software and techniques used in digital photography that replace the darkroom equivalents, such as enlarging, cropping, dodging and burning, as well as processes that don’t have a film equivalent.

Sophia looks up and the professor is still writing on the board. Her mind floats off to the discussion with Emma earlier this morning. Something is definitely off and she just can’t seem to shake the icy feeling. She looks over to Emma and she is making notes. Sophia shakes her head to return to reality. She turns the page as the professor continues with the lesson.

The bell of the last class for the semester rings and the professor’s voice is quickly lost among the excited students.

The campus is cheerful and Sophia can’t help but feel excited for the three week holiday that lies ahead. Just to be able to sleep later than eight in the morning will already be a holiday itself.

She stops in front of her dorm room and unlocks the door. Sophia steps inside and notices a brown envelope on the floor. Her name is written in bold black letters on the front. The eerie feeling is back and she lifts up the envelope to see if she can scan what’s inside.

She opens it slowly and pulls out the thick brown card inside.

The words inside the card makes Sophia’s heart skip a beat. Her eyebrows tangle in a frown as she reads the six words written in black ink out loud. “The best is yet to come”.

No signature. No return address. What could it mean? Who could have sent her this? She opens the door to the hall but does not see anyone. She shoves the card back into the envelope and her foot hit the pedal on the silver trash can. She throws the card inside and shuts the lid.

“College pranks are so last season” she mutters.


A knock on the door wakes Sophia up from her afternoon nap. She struggles to open her heavy eyelids and sit up straight on her bed.

“Coming” she shouts in the direction of the door and she drags her feet to make the knocking stop. She flings the door open and there’s no one in sight. Immediately feeling like she’s wide awake she peeks outside of her dorm room door. Looking to her right she can see a few girls standing in one corner discussing some serious topic.

She looks to her left, nothing. Not a soul in sight. She steps out of her dorm room and a sharp pain shoots through her right foot.




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