Detective Tucker

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The police scanner goes off inside the vehicle of detective Tucker. The voice of office Mendes floats through the car speakers.

“This is officer Mendes, we have a one-eighty-seven on the corner of Blue-lagoon and Richards street. We need an ambulance and forensic services immediately. Over”

Detective Tucker frowns. That’s the Johnson’s house. He flicks on the flashers and speeds up, heading to the home that he is so familiar with.

Seconds later a female voice is heard on the other side of the radio.

Ten-four. Please confirm ten-forty-five? she asks.

Detective Tucker holds his breath, waiting for officer Mendes to respond and he can feel tiny drops of sweat form on his upper lip.

“We have a ten-forty-five C and a ten-forty-five D. Over”

Ten-four” the female voice responds again, leaving detective Tucker overwhelmed with emotion.

Red and blue lights flash outside the beautiful family home in the quiet suburb; yellow police tape section off the house from the outside world. Police officers, swarming around like ants, trying to analyse the chaos going on inside and outside the home of the Johnson family. Neighbours gathering on the sidewalk across from the crime scene, whispering amongst themselves and talking to officers taking statements.

Detective Tucker pulls up in his black Audi A4 and runs up the stairs, greeting a few officers and lifting the yellow tape connected to two pillars on the front porch. The scene inside the house is probably the most horrific scene he’s ever seen. Blood is spattered on every wall, dripping and leaving tracks of red ooze on the walls and tiles. Paramedics are attending to a victim in the hall and he walks over quickly to examine the patient.

Joan Johnson lying on the cold hard floor, tubes hanging from her arms, her husband James, dead just a few meters from where her body was slowly loosing touch with this life.

The Johnson’s have been family friends with him and his family. They’ve known each other for years, their children growing up together and now at college together. As a detective he had to be strong and evaluate the crime scene, gather the evidence and get the person who’s responsible behind bars, yet it was his family friend on the ground in front of him…

*to be continued*


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