The Definition of Insanity

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How did a girl like her end up in a place like this? Jack looked down at the off-yellow file laying next to him on the table. He flipped open the cover and started reading the charts and charts of information. Put up for adoption when she was only a baby, abused by her adoptive parents, taken away, adopted again, adoptive parents died in a car crash, placed in a foster home, the list goes on.

He looked at the girl sitting on the bed in front of him. The urge to help her is overwhelming. Was he crazy for trying to help her? The other psychologists warned him that they couldn’t get through to her, that she was a lost cause and wasn’t willing to communicate whatsoever. Was this true? Was he going crazy? Or was this just a part of how his mind worked? Did he just like a challenge too much?

She looked sad. Who wouldn’t be, stuck in a place like this. There was something about her that mesmerized him. He felt guilty for even allowing his mind to go there but she was, gorgeous. Her black hair hung loosely around her perfectly shaped face. Her olive-colored skin velvety soft. And then as if she read his mind she looked up at him. Her blue eyes piercing through his. He swallowed hard and quickly glanced down to the file. She caught him staring at her. Shit.

He cleared his throat and looked up, was she smiling at him? It was faint enough for him to wonder. No, she was definitely smiling, a grin maybe?

“Kylie, I want to help you. I know you’ve seen many other doctors. Are you willing to give me a chance and you know, talk?”

She looked at me, her perfectly shaped eyebrows shot up, she smiled, revealing her teeth.  She shook her head and stood up. She walked over to the window with perfect grace and leaned against it.

“Can I take that as a yes”?

She glanced over her shoulder to where he was sitting. She snorted and looked back to the window overlooking the rose garden.

He frowned. Is this how it’s going to be, he will just have to try harder.

“Kylie, give me one good reason why you’re so stubborn, why you’re so closed off and unwilling to accept my help”? he asked, hoping that would be enough to provoke her.

She turned around, her blue eyes locked on his. She walked closer to him, pulled out a chair and sat down. The ink on her left arm catching his eye. She leaned in, her eyes still locked on his. He could feel her breath on him but didn’t move.

“Mr Harper, what on earth makes you think you are adequate enough to deal with someone like me? You cannot save people, you can only love them” she whispered.

He was frozen. He wanted to kiss her, in the ten minutes he’s spent with her she made him feel alive.

“See Mr Harper, you are all the same. You get so caught up in the outer that you forget I have an inner” she whispered again and walked over to the window.

He wanted her to know that he was different, he cared about his patients but words couldn’t leave his mouth.

“I’ll see you tomorrow Mr Harper, have a good day”.





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