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He is so handsome she thought to herself. She loved him so much. His tanned, muscular body. The way he ran his fingers through his thick black hair sent shivers down her spine. His deep and luring voice. But most of all she adored his strong and handsome face. She knew all it’s lines and creases and sharp angles. Sometimes, late at night, she would lie awake for hours, just staring at him sleeping next to her. Gazing rapidly at his features, memorizing it’s contours with the tips of her fingers. The brow was an impressive brow, sometimes she wondered what thoughts went on behind that brow and whether she could ever understand them all.

She too had thoughts that was not easily understood. She knew she did. She had surprised her lover with them once, and that was proof. His eyes were so distant and pure. The sockets deep set but level to give them a penetrating gaze. Behind the shut lids were the brightest blue eyes she’s ever seen. Baby blue she called them but there was nothing remarkable about them. They have seen quite a lot, not all of it pleasant. Sometimes she thought those eyes could look right up into her soul.

More than the brow, more than the eyes, more than the nose it was the lips that best captured the expressions of her lover. Relaxed, they were a study of contentment. Turned down they were a roadmap of dissatisfaction. She preferred to think of them turned up, in absolute happiness and laughter. It was these lips, so sweet and gentle that sometimes spoke of things she did not understand. Perhaps it was that she did not want to understand. Once they had called her SICK. But only once. She realized that that one cruel insult helped her to remember her lovers kinder words all the more sweetly.

She would spend all night gazing at her lovers face that way and thinking thoughts of true love and devotion. Until the alarm clock rang reminding her that she had to go to work.

Reluctantly she would put her lover’s head back into the refrigerator where she kept it safe and secure while she was gone. This time however she was feeling hungry. Wanting a snack she went to the kitchen’s silverware drawer, reached inside and pulled out a fork.

She knew the rest of her day would be unsatisfactory and unfulfilling but she craved for when the time came where she could return, lay him back on the pillow next to her and drift off to sleep.


Pretty nasty huh 🙂 This amazing piece of written work is not mine!  It belongs to JASON RYAN QUALLS – I only adjusted it here and there and changed the perspective from male to female – to read his full amazing story click HERE you will love it I promise!



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