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Journal entry: 20 February

Tonight has been one of those nights that if I tell any other human being what happened they would most probably not believe me. In that case, I decided to write to you, my trusty journal. You know journal, you never cease to amaze me. Always willing to listen even though I sometimes feel like you have no choice. Any way, back to what I was saying.

It was around 9pm when I went upstairs to my room. Just an average room, you know. No frills, a few posters on the wall, a mirror surrounded by light bulbs – yeah my mom wanted me to get into this pageant thing, that never happened. I put some music on and then went into the bathroom. Got some wipes out from the packet on the counter and started taking off my overdrawn eyeliner. I looked down into the sink, I don’t know why, I just did and I had this sensation that I was being watched. I turned around and checked the bathroom window. I couldn’t see anything but I closed the blinds just to be sure.

I turned back to take the eye make-up off when I saw her, or should I say me. Yeah. Freaky as fuck. I was staring at my reflection, the only problem is that it somehow wasn’t me. I mean, it was me it was just a different me. Fuck. I don’t know how to explain it, this bitch wasn’t moving or even breathing. I was! Any way, I stood frozen for a few seconds, I didn’t really know what else to do, I mean, should I blink, should I talk to her, should I ask her whats up, should I tell her that she looks absolutely ridiculous with only one eye of make up, I mean what? And then, out of the blue the bitch winked. SHE WINKED! Not blink, you know where I could be like – ok maybe that was me because it’s 9pm on a school night and I might be tired, nah ah she WINKED.

So my dear journal, what did I do you may ask? I did what any normal seventeen year old would do. I smashed the mirror. Hmmm yeah, bad idea, I know that now, but hey that’s why we live and we learn and we learn from our mistakes. Note to self; don’t smash mirrors ghostly figures live in because they will get pissed off and run after you.

I pee’d myself just a little and then I bolted for the door, only this one-eyed-racoon freak ghost thing knew my move, I mean, she’s me so what did I expect so she slammed the door shut with her “powers”. That’s pretty cool. For a minute I got distracted and pictured myself walking down the hallway to third period slamming lockers closed with my mind. Go on, admit it that would be awesome. Any way back to the nightmare that was playing off in my room. I fell against the door and screamed, yes. I screamed like a little bitch for my dad. Not that I thought he was equipped to be dealing with a demon but he was used to making me dinner when I’m on my period and that’s kind of the same thing. He had a little experience like, when you fill out those questionnaire’s and they ask if you see yourself as a¬†beginner, intermediate or advanced, he was between the beginner and intermediate. Leaning more towards beginner.

Side note; I know I’m completely off topic but my toe nails really needs a fresh layer of paint. Any way as I was saying, I had my back against the door, literally and this black dust, smoke type of thing was just hovering above me. And yes, I will admit that for a second or five I heard my mother’s voice saying “I told you smoking is bad for your health”, I mean come on I’m seventeen I want to experiment everything so I know. And then, again out the blue, this ghostly-bitch took human (I say human lightly) form and stood right in front of me.

Again, I pee’d myself but I wanted to ask her what her freaking deal was. So I did.

“Hey! What do you want”! I screamed. Secretly hoping my dad would march up the stairs asking me what the noise was all about. The one time I wanted him to swing my door open and enter without permission and he was NOWHERE to be found. Thanks dad, we will have a discussion later.

And then this thing, did the unthinkable, she replied.

“I want your soul”

Bitch what! I lost control of my bodily functions and I think I got kidney failure right there and then because I was scared shitless. I was kind of an emo kid but I didn’t want to die, are you for real.

Again I plucked up all of my courage, looked this bitch dead in the eye, I say eye because she (we) still had one eye full of eye-make up and one eye not so it was really hard to focus on only the one, any way, I looked her dead in the eye and said five words that absolutely mortified her.

“You and me both hun”.

Oh what? You were expecting me to say something cool like “Bring it on bitch” or “Over my dead body”. Yeah no, I panicked and good thing I did because right after that she disappeared into thin air. Poof, just like that.

You can imagine my frustration, after fighting off an evil one make-up eyed ghost finding out that this all was just a sick dream and while I thought I went into the bathroom to take off my make-up, I decided to check Instagram and fell asleep instead.

The ghost lady left when dad decided to walk in unannounced and woke me up for dinner.

So, journal, that’s the story. I’m now headed to the bathroom to take off my eye make up and I’m pretty darn tempted to just go to sleep with it.

If something happens, I’ll update you in the morning.

Signing off. PEACE!


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