Mute Waters

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It’s been a year since the accident. Three-hundred-sixty-five days of mourning, therapy and trying to understand what exactly happened. The images are still clear in my head. What was supposed to be a fun-filled, relaxing vacation, turned into the most horrific day of my life.

It started out as any other end-of-semester vacation. Lilly’s parents had a four-bedroom lake house, an hour away from civilisation. It was perfect and exactly what we needed to get away from the stress of college. The drive was long but rewarding. Pine-trees lined up right next to the dirt road leading up to the house. Turning the last bend we could see the lake. It reminded me of a game I used to play with my siblings, growing up and going on vacation. My parents would ask us to look out the window, yelling our names as to who saw the ocean first.

The reflection of the clouds and trees was visible in the lake, as if it was a mirror image of the sky. It was beautiful and we loved every second of it.

We usually spend the first day kayaking, taking boat rides fishing and of course trying to teach Lilly how to ski. This was the third year that we would visit her house and she still couldn’t get the hang of it.

The morning of that day started out pretty normal. Simon made breakfast outside while Isabella, myself and Lilly laid the table. We were doing things normal college students do. After breakfast I put on some workout clothes and was just about to start my hike up the mountain to get network coverage when I heard the scream. Instinctively I ran from the room out of the front door, down the wooden stairs outside and when I looked up, the beautiful mirror-reflecting lake was a pool of redness.

Lilly was surrounded by her own blood, more pouring from her skull. She was unconscious and the life-jacket was the only thing keeping her afloat. Simon who was in the boat jumped into the water to get to her. They lifted her into the boat and came back to the shore.

I stood there frozen. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t blink it was all like a nightmare playing off right in front of my eyes. For what felt like hours, chaos was surrounding me. My best friend and roommate was laying on the sand lifeless.

Simon and Isabella lifted her into the Jeep and sped off, leaving myself and Nathan to comfort each other and hope for the best.

Four hours later we received the news, Lilly passed away. My heart was broken, I could not believe that a trip that was supposed to be a relaxing weekend away with friends turned into a horror movie.

It’s been a year, and today I am meeting up with the friends who shared that horrific weekend with me.

…to be continued…



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