This is a short story about how our lives (or the lives of our children’s children) could be on planet earth in the future. It’s quite a scary thought. If you enjoyed it please give it a like, maybe I’ll write a follow up about what happened after the phone call.

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The Paper Crown [Part 1]

The shop was quiet, more so than usual. The bell on the door rang but this time she didn’t bother to look up. A figure blocked the little light she had and forced her to make eye-contact. A man stood in front of her. He had a scar under his left eye and had a mean look on his face. Startled she tried not to show the fear she felt inside.

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Felix vs Madge; This is War

Hazel eyes fly open as the screaming of the digital alarm clock filters through her dark brown locks and into her ears. Madge sits up straight and desperately try to establish where she is. She is not a morning person. Where else would she be anyway? She is forty-six and divorced, it’s not like she’ll […]

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